Celebrating Micke's 29th birthday

Nearly every year it's the same. You get one year older, and suddenly you don't want to make a big fuss out of it, and so you decide NOT to celebrate it. Which is exactly what my beloved boyfriend really didn't want to do: celebrate his 29th.

Despite this let down, I charged in like a house on fire, and invited a few people over for "a quick cup of birthday-coffee" yesterday. Now, as you might know, me and Micke eat paleo, so I was a little unsure of how to make a birthday cake that
  1. didn't contain flour
  2. didn't contain 'normal' sugar
  3. still was good to eat
  4. is cheap and fast to make
And then I had the perfect solution: paleo panna cotta!

If you use ground vanilla powder, and use honey instead of sugar, then the panna cotta itself is paleo. I know some of you paleo-people don't like using milk, but we do. And, since panna cotta need something else that's also 'sweet' to go with it, I took and put cut fruits in the glasses I made the panna cottas in. I managed to get physalis-berries and strawberries for just 2 euros at the open air market - what a triump! Total price of cake was 7,25 euros, mainly because I had to buy lactose free cream and some more gelatin powder.

I decorated them with a '29', using sprinkled coco powder. Micke's 'cake' piece is the one in the martini glass.
Tadaa! 'Cake' assembled.
And the birthday party? Well, that one was the fastest ever: it took just 25 minutes. :P