Rag rug

I had borrowed this book, called "Fast Knits Fat Needles" written by Sally Harding, from the library. The theme of the book is to get to try out knitting project  where you get to use knitting needles larger than 10 mm.

I only happened to have a pair of 9 mm, since I've inherited most of my needles from Mom and her sisters, but nevertheless I thought I'd try my hands on something simple from all the projects in this lovely book. Since, you know, I'm not that great a knitter. The simplest project in the book is one where you use long strips of rags to knit a rag rug. I happened to have some rags I cut from some of my Mom's old T-shirts not long ago, and they seemed perfect for the this project. It didn't hurt that you only had to knit for this project (I still get a bit confused when I have to purl), either.

  • pair of BIG knitting needles
  • strips of rags
Project notes:
  • size nr 9 mm knitting needles were a bit small, next time I do this I'll use 15 mm needles of the circular kind.
  • have LOTS of rag strips. They're used up so fast, and unless you want a really tiny rug, you have to have lots.
How to do it:
  • cast on as many loops as you'd like your rag to be, lengthwise
  • using the so called "garter stitch" pattern (that's where every row on the project is knitted), knit away until the rug is the desired length/you run out of rags.
  • fasten off the last row, and add fringes if you like :)
My rags, and the project page in the book.
The finished rag rug. A little odd, both the color scheme and the dimensions, but it was still fun.
As you can see, every row is knitted. No purling here!