"The net is truly vast and infinite."

While I was searching for patterns for both knitting and crocheting, I stumbled upon Ravelry.com. It's a site intended for those around the globe who want to both be a part of, and contribute to, the (apparently) growing interest in knitting/crocheting. Since I'm all for (smart!) social online platforms, I really like the site.

Since the -reason- behind any such platform is to bring people together and allow them to interact via common interests, I must say that during this past month I've learned a lot. This is thanks to all the persons (mostly women) who I've met during a few knit-alongs here in Turku. Most of you know I speak swedish, but since finnish is the language of the majority, I suddenly realized that I really need to practice speaking it. And during the first of these knit-alongs I found out how terribly degraded my knowledge of finnish has become. But no more! About three times a month now, I'll be attending these meetings, and get to practice speaking again.

Oh, I know I'll make terrible mistakes - mostly when trying to find synonyms for things and when conjugating verbs - but eventually I hope I'll again be able to talk without having to think too much of what I'm saying. After that, I just might be able to stomach reading finnish books again. And not arts and crafts book, mind you, but real books.