*drip drop drip drop*

Today, it's been raining a little like crazy. In fact, it's been raining all day.

*listens to the drip drip drip on the windows*

Rain brings out both the best - and the worst - in people. Since everyone can be both a rain-lover and a rain-hater simultaneously, I'll just share a few personal things about rain.

For starters, me and Micke only have one umbrella. A cheap one we bought from IKEA. A long time ago, we had at least three, but they broke or were lost one at a time. Sadly.
We do have two perfectly okay rain-coveralls. One banana yellow, and one green/blue outfit. I think they're terribly practical and very nice (even though they are man-repelling). Naturally, Micke hate them both. He will rather be miserable under an umbrella, than happy and dry in a banana yellow raincoat with matching banana yellow pants.

I think he's being just a tad bit silly :P

But I still let him have the umbrella, because I don't have any qualms about going out in public looking like this:

Only thing that would have made the outfit -complete- would have been for me to wear rubber boots. But my shoes are water repelling, so today I didn't have to.