About making hobby jewelry

I started making hobby jewelry back in the winter of 2008.
*calculating in head*
That'll be three years and some odd days ago.

In three years, you learn a lot. About what works, and what doesn't.
Where you can cut ends, and where you definitely can't.
That'll definitely be tools... not using proper tools is the dumbest dumb thing you can possibly do.

I originally took it up because it was one arts and crafts area I hadn't tried any technique in before, and since people have adorned themselves using everything from stones to plastic since the Stone Age... well, I just like using jewelry too. Then I got hooked on it, but I realized quite quickly that I just hadn't got the money/space/time to try out every little technique you can do within in.

There's such a lot of craft literature that has become available during the last 10 years, which means that the companies that started out originally with just making tools and materials for the proper gold- and silversmiths, now they also make cheaper things available for crafters in general. Just using Turku city library's collection gives you access to more than 200 books in jewelry crafting alone. Combining this with other craftbooks and magazines, thus giving us the opportunity to create mixed media jewelry, you have more than 6000 articles in the collection to choose from.

Needless to say, I like that.

But, I digress. I had planned to write how I had planned to try and write some fairly regular blog posts during 2012. These are to be posted every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and they're supposed to be themed. Perhaps I should write this down in a separate post, no?