The third thing you didn't know about me

Normal tap water. You know, the thing you - at least in Finland an in Rome - can drink as normal table water. One of the life-important things (right up there with solar energy and air) that we who're living on this planet just have to have.

I hate drinking it.

No, seriously, I really do hate drinking it.

I suspect that it comes from growing up in Kirkkonummi, where the water we got in our tap have this slightly chalky taste. I hated drinking that, and I still do. I drank milk/juice/carbonated water, but not that. Not unless forced, and then very little.

I remember this one time, when me and a couple of neighborhood kids were playing water poker and other card games. You know, where the loser of the game must drink a glas of water. After a lot of games, where I like lost a lot of them, I had to run to the bathroom an simply puke up all that water.

Good memories? Not so much.

The water here in Turku sometimes tastes like mud in the spring, when the snows starts to melt and all that melt water drags the dirt/mud/old fertilizers into the Aura river that Turku takes its drinking water from. I don't like drinking it either, to tell the truth, but I try not to think about what I put in my tea. And I drink a lot of tea.

But that must be why I like the Sodastream machine Micke went and bought us after the whole crazy sale at Stockmann last summer. Somehow, carbonated water really makes a difference for me.