Craft Project Wednesday: The jeans quilt

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
 where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Blue jeans are actually not always blue.
Who could ever have guessed...

I've been working slowly, but at least semi-steadily, on this jeans quilt. The progress is more tied to the amount of donated old jeans I've managed to get people to kindly enough gift me with. All of the pairs have been so worn down, or have such huge holes in them, that you can't donate them to any second hand store.

So far, I've managed to scavenge together :

4 pairs from our own wardrobe (2 of mine, 2 of Micke's)
1 pair from my friend Elli (once again - thank you Elli!)
1 pair from my Mom (although she did have more pairs, but they weren't all blue)

This is a project that may take however long it wants itself to take, because I really refuse to go thrift shopping for "good" jeans only to cut them to 10x10 cm squares. I'd rather wait and kindly ask people now and again if they happen to have any blue jeans that have totally broken zippers/giant holes/been worn down.

Sewing them together is starting to
become quite a challenge, since I
don't have an extension board for
my sewing machine.

Dear reader, you wouldn't happen to have just such a pair lying around, would you?

If you do, I would ask you if you would reconsider donating them to me instead of just throwing them out with the rest of the trash? Clothing that isn't recycled actually have a huge environmental impact, if you're interested you can read about it e.g. here on Pub Med Central, or just google "textile recycling" and see if you find anything readable.

I do recommend the Pub Med article, although I realize it's a bit of a long read for some people.