Themed blog posts during 2012

Like I mentioned in the previous post, I have thought about writing blog posts somewhat regularly during 2012. I've seen that lots of people do this, so maybe I'm just finally just giving in and joining the hipsters.

Or maybe I just want to force myself to write, hmm?

Anyway, the posts I thought about writing are going to be posted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Wednesday post is going to be about some arts and craft project that I'm currently working on.
It doesn't have to be a finished projector anything, more of a short presentation of it. I was thinking it can be of a certain technique or material, or some notes I've jotted down about just that project.
It will also serve me as reference posts for the future.

The Thursday post is going to be about the truth. More specifically, the truth about me.
Why choose such a topic? Well... I've actually thought about this quite long and hard. About over-sharing, "netiquette" and how some people's selves differ between what they write online and how they are in real life. It can really make you go quite bonkers. So I thought, since my blog is about me, and I like the truth, why not write down some truths about me? 50 true things about me written down during one year shouldn't be that hard to to stomach? Or do you disagree? If you do, then just go ahead and skip reading my Thursday posts. It's not like I can see who reads them, anyway.
Otherwise it might go the way of newspaper slogan of the splendid Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series: "The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret". Or was it "Frep"?. Definitely not "Free", in any case. 

The Friday post is going to be about a jewelry. With more emphasis on technique than anything else, but no tutorials. I've tried so many techniques, and there are even more I want to try out, so that should give me plenty of areas to write about. But about making tutorials, no. There's currently so many many many tutorials found online, about such a lot of things really, so I don't think I need to be adding any to the mix.
Unless anyone really asks. Then I might reconsider.

So, these are going to be it. We'll start tomorrow, and see how it goes.