The first thing you didn't know about me

Two girls walk into a bar...

... and pretty soon they're playing Magic the Gathering.
Such nerds.
What. A. Waste. Of. Perfectly. Good. Estrogen.

On this normal Saturday (also the same day when I got stamps at 20:45 from the store around the corner, which apparently isn't that common, the way people looked at me in the que) Ida and I played MtG at one of Turku's busiest bars.

Funny thing is, there was only one guy who DARED to approach us and ask what we were doing. And he was a MtG-player himself. Only an "online" one, but still.

A glass of red, your handbag safely tucked
away towards the wall, and a bunch of cards.
But we had fun. Which is really all we wanted.