The second thing you didn't know about me

I usually dream very vividly. Lots of people do, and I'm one of those.

And most of the time, my mind thinks that these mini-movies can skip things like "plot line" and "things that normally occur". Most of the time though, I have no idea that I am actually dreaming. While I'm dreaming, that is. Which means that no matter what happens in the dream: it's perfectly right as rain to me. However crazy or fantastic it is. Flying, dragons, magic, space, mysteries, all right as rain.

My brother dubbed these type of dreams "seko-drömmar" (eng. crazy-dreams) when we were younger.  Why? Because they make you go totally "seko" when you wake up.

Last vivid dream had a basic plot of Earth is going to get destroyed, follow these brave men and women on their quest towards the space shuttle that will (?) get them to safety:

Buildings were falling down, fires were everywhere, and me and a bunch of others (Micke, and weirdly enough some folks I used to go to elementary school with) were supposed to search for survivors in our immediate vicinity and then get to the space shuttle. Which was at Turku airport (?).

Anyway, I was doing something when bits of a wall (?) fell on top of me, thus injuring me greatly. It broke at least some ribs on my right side because it hurt like heck, and made me unable to continue. Someone lift me up and tried to carry me to the truck we had, and I was screaming for that person to put me down, because of the pain.

Yes, I must have had a small cramp or something on my right side during the night, because why else would I have dreamt of such very specific pain?

Long pain-filled dream cut short, I made the rest of the people in the dream leave me behind while they got themselves to safety in the truck. It was all very logical (injured person on space shuttle, about to go into space, with low triage number takes up weight that can be used by healthy person...).

When I told Micke about this dream in the morning, all he said was how "you're not gonna be left behind". In the dream, it was he who tried to carry me while I screamed in pain.

Even in dreams, I can't seem to force myself to not be altruistic. *sigh*