Empty(ish) desk

Sometimes a lot can be achieved just by doing a little.

I finally got inspired enough to re-position the posters (that we have in those huge IKEA-frames) that have been bugging me for so long. We have three of them in the living room; two on one wall and one above my desk.

It took some measuring, because I wanted them all to hang 123 cm up on the wall, and since I think that Ette still have our combination square tool. I'm not sure, but I couldn't find it among all the other tools, so I have to remember to ask her when she gets back.

It's much better now, in my opinion.
Add to the fact that the TV is gone, and
suddenly our living room feels huge.

Anyway, as soon as I was done with that, I cleaned up the mess that was my desk. I filled the small black boxes my Mom and Dad brought with them when they came over to help us with our (now ex!) car. It felt good to finally have some small drawers to put stuff away in.

Yes, yes, still lots of clutter, but I still
have more room now than before.

I wonder, when YOU look at the photo here above. What is the first thing that caught your eyes? I personally thought "oh did I just happen to have post-its lying around again!". The second after that I thought "And I took a photo of it too!".
I'm such a post-it woman. It's like... me and Tove, and all us women who somehow generate a lot of those small lists that just keep on coming.
These are the small black boxes.
All the small drawers are already filled.
Didn't take that long.
Queue nobody getting surprised,

I put small labels on all the drawers, just so I would know what I've put in them. Lets see how long THAT order will work. I'll give it about.... a month. Maybe slightly less. Micke says I "move things around too much", so it's an educated guess.

Know yourself.


Yes, I know.
Lots of stuff, and whoever heard of storing tools,
circular knitting needles and asorted bric-a-brac in white
IKEA flower pots. But it works, so why not?

Oh, and I also (finally!) glued the black paper back on the lamp. I think the glue doesn't hold that well because it constantly gets heated up/cooled down. But now at least it doesn't look like it'll come off if you blow hard enough on it.

The IKEA Grönö-lamp. With re-glued paper.
Oh, and the M. Oomen-inspired stones.

At least a few people have posted on Ikeahackers how they've decorated their Grönö-lamps, so I don't think anyone is awed by me gluing thick black paper on mine. It's really useful though, as the light doesn't shine straight into your eyes as you sit and work on something. But I have to get another light for my desk, because this one doesn't shine that bright, and I need more cold/LED-type light to be able to work on my hobby jewelry without getting achy eyes.