Craft Friday: the Memento mori earrings

Craft Friday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present either a hobby jewelry technique
or project I'm currently working on.

This one is gonna be quite short. If you have no idea what memento mori is, then go and read about it.

Mine and Micke's good friend Ida turned 26 years yesterday, and tomorrow she's throwing a come-as-you-are birthday party over at the only Irish pub here in Turku. And for her birthday, I'm giving her:

Ida's new Memento mori-earrings.

Why? Well, I thought she would think them cool, and since she's an art history major... I just thought she'd get it.

What do you think? Too weird - or too odd - a present?

update written the following Monday:
She really liked them! I'm so relieved! For once I've managed to make a jewelry-present that was spot on. Huge success, and a huge relief. I'm so glad :)