Craft Project Wednesday: the Oomen stones

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
 where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Okay, you know how some people collect things for no apparent reason? Well, I happen to "collect" the links of web pages of people who have either a biomedical/biochemical degree, but then either works in some field totally opposite or in it in some odd setting or another. Or just happen to blog about something other than biosciences.

Thus I present to you: Margaret Oomen. She blogs over at Resurrectionfern. She takes amazing photos, and some of the things she blogs about is crocheting and embroidery. I found out about her when the people at the Purl Bee (a store in SoHo, New York) had her over for a presentation of one of her patterns.

If you google her name, you're overrun with photos of smooth stones covered with crocheted lace patterns. But even better, check out her Flickr-stream!

It's different types of crocheted stones all the way, and some even have patchwork! But no matter what, I still like her plain white-on-stone ones the best.

Which is why I'm presenting to you my four "Margaret Oomen"-stones. I used pieces of doily crochet patterns from the book Crochet Inspiration by Sasha Kagan. To make the "coats", I started on a doily pattern, and then tried to fit it snugly around the stone with rows of single and treble crochet. The stones were the ones I collected when I was visiting Emmis and her parents out on their summer cottage last August.

My Margaret Oomen stones.
Yeah, even though they're not made by her,
I'm still giving her all the credit.
As I well should.

To make the "coats", I used a 2 mm crochet hook and white leftover yarn I had gotten from one of my maternal aunts.

Pick a motif, and then just crochet in the round.
I actually found it very relaxing, since
most of it was free crochet.
I think I'm gonna do this again this summer, if I manage to scavenge up some more stones and happen to have a small hook and white yarn with me. It would be cool to add more motifs to the collection.