The twelfth thing you didn't know about me

The Truth about me Thursday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present one truth about myself.

Every person has quirks that make them contradictory.

One of mine is that I try being ecological... but I still take loooong showers. I crave showers. It's usually the first thing I want to have in the morning - otherwise I don't really wake up - and it's usually the last thing I do before going to bed. Beginnings and ends. How each day starts, and how each day ends.

With endorphins.

Back in the summers when I went to scout camps, camporees and even one jamboree, I always sort of had to go on a morning swim. Salt och sweet water made no difference to me, or if it was kinda cold or if it was raining. Had to take my morning dip in water.

So I can't really say it's a need for warm water, it's more a need to get clean. Well, since anthropology and neuroscience gives us hints (nice subject by the way, much found online but don't read the popular science bits, go for the good stuff, like this nice and easy lecture from Colombia University, NY) that women generally do have better sense of smell than men, it might just be that I don't like to smell bad.

But then on the other hand, who does?
Oh, yeah, those people and their houses that Kim and Aggie cleaned up....