Craft space presentation

Okay, I must immediately admit that I got inspired from one thing that Tove wrote a while back on her crafts-blog. It was about the need to get a craft space. As in, a room or big desk or something similar where you can leave your handicraft and other project and still have room left in the house to just ... well, live? And not sort of get swamped in projects all the time.

I must say, I do get what she's writing about. Because I've sort of resorted to use different parts of our home for different types of crafts.

Here, let me show you...

My desk.

You've seen it before, and you're sure to see it again. Right now there's probably between four and ten projects currently "in progress" on it. Most of them are hobby jewelry projects, but since I want to use my desk for normal writing too... all of these project sort of "shuffle around" on the desk.

Perched on the cabinet beside the desk...

Here's where I put some of the "done" jewelry projects, as well as most of the tools and other "stuff" that didn't fit into the black small drawers. I wrote in January how I thought the "order" in the black drawers and in the white IKEA-flower pots would last perhaps a month... But surprise surprise, so far nothing have come and magically destroyed the order. Everything sort of "accuired" a place of its own, and has decided to stay put. Quite unbelievable, if you ask me.

The rest of the book case.

Queue our big book case. Where - in addition to books - I also have to store my sewing machine, my sewing threads and the odd bric-a-brac of buttons/zippers/ribbons/pincushions.

The sofa.

My new favorite nook for sitting and just be. Or read. Or surf the web, or crochet. The small red IKEA-lamp will someday be exchanged for a brighter one, because hand sewing is nearly impossible to do here. Oh, and the storage spaces inside the "extension" parts are filled with my knitting yarn and our extra blankets.

The opposite corner in the couch is Micke's. But he likes my corner better.

Because the extension cord for the computer doesn't reach that well into "his" corner.

The big bamboo-leaf flower pot by the sofa.

It's filled to the brim (and then some...) with "project bags" with sewing/crochet/knitting projects. If you keep a project in a bag, it won't become dusty and won't loose any essential hooks/needles/yarns. Thus, you can store them nearly ad nauseum.

Our kitchen.

Because I craft there too, and not only by cooking. As evidence, you can see that there's a project in the sink...

I bought (although it was more a case of window-pity-shopping than anything else) a really dehydrated Phalaenopsis aphrodite orchid (swe. brudorkidée) for 6 € from our local mini-market. Just to see if I could get it to not loose all its white flowers.

Yes, I'm a sucker for dying plants. Especially since I knew it to be a WT orchid (wild type) and not a "simple" hybrid nor a "intergeneric" hybrid like the other two Phalaenopsis I have. Yes... I do like plant genetics.

Our *cough* walk in closet.

Well.... then there's the "walk in" closet. Not so much a "walk in" anymore... because the crafts supplies that I rarely use or are so bulky that I can't put them anywhere else are found here.

Sometimes, things fall on you from the upper shelves.

The white book case, upper part.

The yellow postal box is currently filled with old coffee packages. Because I'm gonna sew them together and add them to the "quilt" made out of coffee packages that I already have. No idea when this is going to/must happen though, but probably before the 1st of May.

The white book case, lower part.

Then there's oil paints, aquarel paints, fabric paints, package ribbon, various small jars with wooden beads... Lots of stuff.

And all the rest, on the floor.

And on the floor (as well as in the black cardboard boxes to the right...) there's my current stash of fabrics. The "Big Blue Bag" (that have white letters and says "My Big Blue Bag) has the inherited fabrics, and the light blue plastic bag is some of my "current" sewing projects. The "God Jul" bag has old video tapes in it. Because... well, they needed to be somewhere and this was it? Perhaps.

I don't know if I - or you for that matter - learned anything from my photos, except for the undeniable fact that I too want a place to store ALL this is, and not spread it around the house.

One can always wish.