Craft Project Wednesday: the Eeme baby blanket

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Since I haven't posted anything about crocheting for a while, I thought I'd remedy that.

Already some time ago - I think it was last autumn - I held an arts & crafts party here at our place. Amng other things, Anne left me a box with things (some fabrics, ricrac and yarn) she said she didn't have any use for. Among the yarns there was 5 skeins of "baby pastel" colored ones that I completely understand why she hadn't found any use for them.

Neither of us are 'pastel' color users, but one thing that soft pastel colors are routinely used for is... baby stuff. And even though neither of us are expecting, or have friends who are, I just thought "why the heck not?" and started on a baby blanket.

The pattern is one I found in the very lovely book The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Margaret Hubert. The pattern is called Four-color Spiral, and that's exactly what it is. The blanket will be as big as there's yarn for it. Which means that it will be pretty small.

Here's Eeme, but the pastels are actually much lighter
shades than what my iPhone's camera manages to convey,

I started on it when I was still sick with Norovirus last week, and it was more a consolation project than anything else. So, I haven't gotten very far on it, but we'll see....