Craft Project Wednesday: cont. Three V&A dresses

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Okay, today's update on the three dresses are thus:

The violet and the two brown dresses have gotten all their upper parts (top and lining) cut out and the edges have been zigzag'ed. They're all mostly sewn together now too. The skirt parts also went through the same treatment, and only the violet skirt is still not sewn together with it's upper part.

And... I took out the (still unfinished *sigh*) green summer dress, and finally made the lining for it.

Parts before they got zigzag'ed.
Most boring part, unless you count hemming the last part around the skirt. The worst part about sewing is that you can't really tune out while you're doing it - it's like you're going hypnotic on the surrsurrsurr while desperately wishing it to be over. The silence between finishing one piece and reaching for the next is really loud.

The violet dress, but now the upper part
has been sewn together with the skirt.

Most of all, I wanted the violet one finished. Which (naturally) led to it being the last one I can finish. Where will I find a violet 40 cm zipper in just the right color?

The parts that make up the upper part.
This is the lining for the green dress.

Finally, the upper part's lining for that dress is done. I just wanted to show you how the separate parts look. Not that hard to cut out, no? It doesn't give you a flattering décolletage, but it's easy to sew.


...and after,

Yes, I know, my iPhone can't capture the exact color of light green. It's weird, but it's true: all photos  either show it as too yellow or too blue. Most annoying.

So now, instead of three dresses
we have five near-finished ones.
I just need a few more things for them...

After all of this sewing, I'm kinda glad I'm going on a trip during the weekend. We're going to Uppsala for the weekend, me and three people from my folkdance group. So, no sewing for three days, no more surrsurrsurr...

It will give me some time to plan the decorations I want on the dresses. If I get a moment to myself, between all the folkdancing.