tisdag 8 mars 2011

Color streak of spring (MaMa haaste 5)

Oh dear, oh dear.
This is a true challenge.
And, since I've so far missed/bummed out on nr 2 (wool), and nr 4 (lace), I simply MUST find something to do for this one.

The theme this time is "The colors of spring". See the picture below.

The colors of spring.
Truly, really, absolutely not the colors I would normally use (more like never!) for a project, but...

We'll see. Will post more after some brainstorming.

3 kommentarer:

Pingevin sa...

the pic doesn't work? at least all I see is just the name of the pic.. :)
hard to comment more until I know exactly the colours.. but maybe there's someone who would like those colours and then you could imagine you're making something for them? :) and anyway, does it have to be those colours or can't it be colours you associate with spring? :)

Mia/Maria sa...

You can see the picture here:

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

Thanks guys for pointing it out - now the pic should be visible. Don't know how Blogger managed to f**k it up though :/ Weird.


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