A "non-favorite" visited: Fair-isle knitting and Intarsia

Argh, to many skeins and bobbles to keep track of!
- my original comment about this non-fave

I consider myself to be more of a crocheter (a hooker, if put correctly. Yeah, you go ahead and laugh, but apparently it's a word used to describe oneself in crocheting circles) than a knitter.  There's nothing wrong about knitting, but I still like crocheting more. But, there are still a few things that you can't learn to do without resorting to needles. Knitting needles, not the other kind.

In light of this non-fave, I decided to try my hand at making the Totoro mittens I've seen knitted at least once on the Nekku and/or Turku Ravelry knit-meets. Riikka made one pair in lovely soft dark merino wool, and she had made a pair in green wool too. And since they were so lovely, I really wanted a pair of my own.

So little left! Only a few more rows!
This was how far I had gotten on Monday the 15th. I was so proud, and more than a little impatient to loose my "knitted mittens virginity". There, I've said it. These are my first pair of mittens. Ever. So sue me - I had wood crafts and not textile crafts in secondary school.

Done! Okay... how does one do the thumbs?
First time I had to unpick some rows and knit in a separate element too... This part about making the "thumb" made me slightly nervous, but I think the instructions were really simple to follow, so it actually went really well.

Careful now!
The blue yarn made it really easy to pick up the stitches. I like easy. Especially beginner-easy. On magic loop. Thank goddess for magic loop, otherwise I would have gone slightly bonkers. Thank you Emmis for recommending it to me :)

Oh, a hole! And some long 'floats' of yarn around the hole.
And here are the ready-to-be-used ones :)

On the one on the left, you can see how it looks inside.
Lots of floats, since I opted for having the yarn "follow along"
instead of knitting with only stumps.

Well, this wasn't actually so bad.
It might have been because I really liked the motif.
Or because it was quite an easy one, and the project not so large.
- revised comment