You fail, try again with the next MaMa

I've just realized that there's no way at all all for me to participate with the fourth MaMa-challenge.

Since this is the last day for that particular challenge, and bit too late for me to finally "find" something to contribute with, I must simply throw in the metaphorical towel and fold. You see, this time I 'failed' because of 3 things:
  1. I didn't get my sewing machine back until today. I could have gotten it back last week, but I got the flu last Tuesday. And I just couldn't ask Micke to go and fetch it for me, no no no, that would have been too degrading. I can actually picture such a scenario: "Honey, could you get my sewing machine from the shop 8 blocks form our house? It weighs a ton. And btw you're not allowed to put it down on the ground while you walk home, because I don't want it to get dirty. Oh, and it will cost you 95 euros.
  2. If only I had cleaned up my stash of fabrics before today. That way, I would have found the 2 lace doilies that Micke's paternal grandmother had crocheted.
  3. Seeing those doilies got me thinking, and I now have an idea for black table runners with them sewn on. Black & White, I think they will be really nice. But for that, I need some black cloth.
My sewing machine.
Mine, all mine! Muhaha!
As you can *cough* see, I made up for the lost time...
One doily.
Another doily.
"Doily". Such a strange word. And thank you MacBook dictionary for pointing out to me that that word comes from the surname Doyley.