Earth Hour

Last Saturday, I was getting myself ready to go with Micke to Axelbandet's yearly concert. Since it just happened to be Earth hour at the same time... and since I think the concept of reducing the amount of electricity you spend an important one... I showered and put my make up on in candle light.

Now I know why traditional 16-18th century make up is so gaudy - it's not easy to apply a subtle amount of make up if you only have candle light. I overdid my rouge. Although no one said anything about it at the concert.

And on a more personal note: even though the idea of reducing you energy consumption is a noble one... the fact that even though the house was dark and I showered, made up and got dressed by candle light.... Micke was still playing World of Warcraft on his computer. Such hypocrisy. And I showered - in warm water. More hypocrisy. That's why it's important to reduce your overall use of energy every day.
I'm right, aren't I Tove?

I'm so not good at taking photos with my Nokia smart phone, but I think I managed pretty well with these. I took them while waiting for Micke to get ready. And yes, he had the lights on in the bathroom. I sat in his room, crocheting in candle light.

Voilà! Just adjust the light intensity on your camera, and press the button.
This grand candelabra is one I inherited after my maternal grandmother Ida.
The same lady whose whiskey-stained Bible we have in our library.