... and what I bought at the fair

Just in case I later on write a blog post about using the things I bought, and to get av overview of the costs.

6 skeins of Garnstudio's Drops Paris (13,50 euros)*
1 free ticket to Billnäs bruks Antiques fair**
1 free ticket to Fiskars Antiques fair***
small silver ring (5 euros)***
Clover rotary cutter (45 mm) (15 euros)
Hammer (8,50 euros ) and anvil (16 euros)
small bag with random chosen orange beads (2 euros)
brown wooden beads (2 euros)
3 sunflower buttons and one metal clasp (1,85 euros)
black satin cord (4,50 euros)****
silver wire and tiger-tail wire (last one missing from pic!)

*from Lankatalo Tapio, needed to finish a forever-WIP
** thank you, random book dealer
*** thank you Bowallen Antique!
random antiques dealer with a suitcase filled with old buttons
****Yes, black! Thank you, Charlotta/Askarelli!

Can't wait to get that forever-WIP (a blue shawl) finished, and to try out that Clover quilting tool. I'm sure it's gonna be fun to use... or I really hope so, because it was the only thing I bought that I hadn't planned on getting. I knew, however, that they cost around 20-30 euros, so 15 euros might be okay after all. Especially since I (now) don't have to pay any shipping costs. Just don't know where to get more blades for it though, but that's a later concern.