Turku Arts, Crafts and Antiques fair of 2011

Browsing through my feeds at Google Reader, I noticed that oh no, someone didn't like their fair (the post is in Swedish and about "Symässan", the Sewing fair held in Malmö, Sweden). How sad! Although, most of hte things she's written is true about fairs in general (everything about the fair, like tickets and parking, is too expensive, and there's too few vendors with 'good' and 'good-value' products).

Good thing I did though. Like the Turku Arts, Crafts and Antiques fair, that is. Only thing I didn't like was the price of the tickets (12 bloody euros!), so it was good that we in the Turku Ravelry group had managed to somewhat (heh! :P ) coordinate us and get in as a group. That way, it was only 8,40 euros.

It was fun to walk around with Ulrika and Fredrik - I learnt a lot about 'antique' Finnish handicrafts (mostly glass and silver) that way. They collect (well, I think it's mainly Ulrika's passion, but they're both into it) hand-blown glass bowls and wases, and even though I don't always understand the design I could still appreciate it.

I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Sitting on the bus, Elli is holding our group sign.
The one I made. You can tell, right?
Wooden beaded jewelry for sale.

Surreal art on display. I kinda liked most of the pieces.

Ulrika and Fredrik really didn't like this one.
I think it's BRILLIANT! I mean, just LOOK at it - it's got candles, and a
kind of organic design that reminds you of coral.
It's glazed ceramics (hand-painted and burnt).
160 euros.
A red piggy bank.
It's looks like a really sly little pig, this one.
I have no idea what this one cost.
And I'm not sure if I've ever seen a spindle quite like it.
It is a spindle, right?
A red UFO?
No, I think it was a kind of kettle for when you're preserving stuff
by reducing (swe. inkoka). But I'n not sure. It's cool, though.
Nice coffee pot, found at the stand of Bowallen Antik
(an antique's dealer from Skultuna, Sweden). Didn't buy this one,
but I've bought the lilac tea pot I've blogged about earlier from them.
Here's those posts (1 and 2). This time, I bought a ring for 5 euros instead.
Nice dresses at VintagEijas.
I would have liked to have tried on the ochre one.
124 euros.
A display of quilting tools, at Lankabaari's stand.
I went and bought one of these.
Done for the day - that took 4,5 hours!
Thank goodness that Ulrika and Fredrik offered me a ride home :)