Infå's 30th birthday celebration

My boyfriend's student association Infå (it's the one for the computer science students) celebrated their 30th year with a grand party at Åbo Akademi University's Student Association's House "Kåren" this weekend. Me, Micke, and about 70 other people attended, dressed to the teeth in formal evening wear.

I was 'representing' the student association "Otakt" at this event, which meant that I gave a 'birthday' present from Otakt to Infå. I even held a little gift speech, clutching Otakt's mascot "Odjuret" in one of my hands for mental support. I'm not sure, but it could have been the first time "Odjuret" has been to one these gatherings. As a jaunty ploy, he worked splendidly.

The party in itself was great, even though we didn't get any midnight snacks at the nachspiel. That was the first time that has happened, but the organizers had managed to get a live band to play, so I kinda forgave them immediately. We just snuck off to the nearest Hesburger (Turku's local burger franchise) for a bite to eat. Otherwise, I would have gotten seriously cranky. I'm no fun when I'm hypoglycemic.

I'm gonna leave you with some picture's of the party. Sadly, I have no pictures yet of myself in my green dress, because I find it real hard to take photos of myself. I do have a few taken of others though. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for Infå to put up some photos on their web page.

If you want to, you can look at me in their photo album from their 25th year party (e.g. here and here). I think the last photo is the first one EVER taken of me and Micke before we became a couple. Which was about one month after it was taken.... *giggle* 
I'll just post the 'good' pictures here for you to enjoy.

"Odjuret" ate all my dessert. Oh well, he's so small
and cute that I couldn't be mad at him for it.
Minna and Henrik sat at our end of the table.
And Minna's short hair looks SO nice :)
Josefin and Johan sat opposite us. Behold! Rare are the times when you
can actually take a photo of them both, so that Johan doesn't move or make a face.

In the following photos you can see what the ball room at Kåren looks like. The mural of the far wall is really grand, especially since it was cleaned and restorated during 2002.

There's a two formally given speeches at these sort of student gatherings;
the speech to Men, and the speech to Women. Here Magnus is giving us the latter.
Panorama pic 1.
Panorama pic 2.
Panorama pic 3. 
That was it. When I get any photos of me and Micke, I'll post them here, too.