The "non-favourites" of 2011

In January, I posted a list with all my personal crafts "non-faves". For those of you thinking "huh?", this is an excerpt of what I wrote then:

These "non-fave" things are supposed to be things and techniques that you yourself haven't yet wanted to try out, because of lack of time/childhood traumas/other personal reasons etc. The reason for the list is that YOU are supposed to try out these techniques during this year, and see if they were as bad/awful/armageddon as you imagined them to be.

Well, since spring is on its way soon (I hope, even though it started raining slush as we all walked home from dance practice), and I hope to actually get some of these techniques off my chest, I did some planning regarding the non-fave list. Tove, remember our 'talk' (more like write :P) about lists?
Mom's embroidery book (which I gratefully borrowed).
Do note the amount of micro-post its' on the pages.
I like to make my "research" visible to others.
And using color is nicely motivating.
Most of the things on my list involve needlework.

I hate needles.

This has nothing to do with dentists (I'm a recovering dental braces patient :P )

Nothing to do with Mr Pinhead either. (Especially since I haven't seen any of the movies)

It's just that I'm quite okay with syringes, but needles sometimes creep me the * out.
Being highly empathic, I can mentally "feel" someone pushing needles under my nails. I don't know why. It's just... a thing with me. Just writing this down creeps me out.

This makes sewing something by hand - to my opinion - a necessary evil and not something to embark on lightly.

Anyway, I think I'll get to borrow an embroidery hoop from Maria. This is so super sweet of her and will help me a great deal, because then I get to start right away and not wait for eons until I'd finally get to buy myself one. It's nice too that she knows more than I (obviously, since I know so very little) about embroidering, because then I can ask her for tips if I get 'stuck'.