torsdag 24 mars 2011

A "non-favorite" visited: Fair-isle knitting and Intarsia

Argh, to many skeins and bobbles to keep track of!
- my original comment about this non-fave

I consider myself to be more of a crocheter (a hooker, if put correctly. Yeah, you go ahead and laugh, but apparently it's a word used to describe oneself in crocheting circles) than a knitter.  There's nothing wrong about knitting, but I still like crocheting more. But, there are still a few things that you can't learn to do without resorting to needles. Knitting needles, not the other kind.

In light of this non-fave, I decided to try my hand at making the Totoro mittens I've seen knitted at least once on the Nekku and/or Turku Ravelry knit-meets. Riikka made one pair in lovely soft dark merino wool, and she had made a pair in green wool too. And since they were so lovely, I really wanted a pair of my own.

So little left! Only a few more rows!
This was how far I had gotten on Monday the 15th. I was so proud, and more than a little impatient to loose my "knitted mittens virginity". There, I've said it. These are my first pair of mittens. Ever. So sue me - I had wood crafts and not textile crafts in secondary school.

Done! Okay... how does one do the thumbs?
First time I had to unpick some rows and knit in a separate element too... This part about making the "thumb" made me slightly nervous, but I think the instructions were really simple to follow, so it actually went really well.

Careful now!
The blue yarn made it really easy to pick up the stitches. I like easy. Especially beginner-easy. On magic loop. Thank goddess for magic loop, otherwise I would have gone slightly bonkers. Thank you Emmis for recommending it to me :)

Oh, a hole! And some long 'floats' of yarn around the hole.
And here are the ready-to-be-used ones :)

On the one on the left, you can see how it looks inside.
Lots of floats, since I opted for having the yarn "follow along"
instead of knitting with only stumps.

Well, this wasn't actually so bad.
It might have been because I really liked the motif.
Or because it was quite an easy one, and the project not so large.
- revised comment

3 kommentarer:

Mia/Maria sa...

Du kanske hade beställt dagens snöstrom då också så du skulle få orsak o använda dina nya finheter ;D

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

De är nog helt sköna på, men inte i världen skulle jag ha velat ha det där dumma snöovädret till Åbo enkom för att få fortsätta ha vantar på :P

*kryper ner under täcket, väntar på att det blir vår på riktigt*

Temumriken sa...

Inte alls illa! Det där är mer avancerat än några tumvantar jag stickat, och jag har stickat en del. Brukar inte orka göra mig besvär med mönster, fast de blir förstås tjockare då.


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