All Halloween things over here at our place

In Finland, the later in the year it is, the darker it gets earlier in the day. Somedays, if you're lucky, you can get up to 3 h worth of gloomy sunlight. But, since we're not there yet, and it's still only really dark-dark at night...

Can you guess which balcony is ours?
...I'll leave you contemplating a picture of the house me and Micke lives in. The picture is taken at 23:30 on a Tuesday. Out of all the apartments, there's STILL light in ours (and in a few others). Isn't it nice to come home to a house where someone is still waiting up for you? (Not minding the fact that that certain someone is up playing World of Warcraft...on a work night....still)

So, Halloween is something new to finnish culture. We do celebrate All Saints day (which will be on the  6th of November for us this year).

Never the less, I'm always ready to try out new stuff, especially food+culture stuff. So, for the second year in a row now, I've made pumpkin pie. Last year I didn't get a whole pumpkin, but this year I managed to get one at the open air market back in early October.

Say hello to Mr Pumpkin. Micke carved him, after I
had carved out all I wanted from the inside.
He's a little small, but I'm still not grinning better than him.
Here we are, baking pumpkin pie.
And -yes- I do look a little idiotic.
I know, I know... paleo diet doesn't like the flour-based crust of the pumpkin pie, but when you're low on money available for "real paleo foodstuffs", you take what you get. And some carbohydrates are cheaper than others. Flour, for instance. Otherwise, I would have made the pie using either cashew or almond flour.