... I'm gonna help Mimi put up the rest of her paintings. We'll have to drill a few more holes in the walls for that, though.

My dear friend Mimi is currently living with two other girls in this huge apartment, and since they're going to celebrate her moving in this weekend, she's been a bit frantic about getting her room in order. I've helped her fix the curtain rods, and because she's been all "woe and whine" about her poor paintings never getting put up on the walls, I thought it high time we got around to do just that.

I mean, if you're an Art-history major, and you can't get your own paintings up on the walls...?
Luckily, it's pretty easy if you have a steady hand and a drill that can drill through concrete.

- later addition - 

The new curtain rods, aka the new room separators.
Above the door are 3 of the paintings that needed to be put up.
We put up these IKEA curtain rods last Saturday. Mimi's room has no "real" door, just two French-type glass doors (not shown in picture). When you close them, the glass still allows everyone to see inside. So, to fix this, the curtains on the rods. When the door is closed, you can draw the curtains together, creating much needed privacy.

Finally, they're up on the walls!
(Do you see the bent hammer?)
We tried (as much as one Art major and one Biochemistry major can) to place the paintings in such a way that they
  1. wouldn't clash with one another
  2. have enough space around them, so they don't look clustered
  3. look coherent
  4. and still would look nice together
Mimi said, and I quote her:

I'm the one studying art, but Ea was the one who suggested most of the layout.

Go figure. All I did was knit/crochet along to the interior decorating shows on the LIV-channel (like Colin & Justin's Home Heist).

We got the mirror up on the wall as well,
although it was only a horrid 5 min of work.
I thought we would never fit the small holes onto the screws!
Do you see the newspaper clips besides the mirror? That's how I learned (thank you Liv-tv!) how to put up paintings on the walls: cut a piece of newspaper/cardboard the same size as the painting, then put that one up on the wall. It's much easier to move that around, while you try to decide where on the wall the painting should go. Mimi still has to frame the 3 pictures that will go by the mirror, that's why they're not up yet.

Not to bad, considering we were both pretty newbies about all of this when we started. I still think we managed to make it look quite okay, non the less.