Weekend of "Soda club dance camp 2010"

So, this past weekend was a busy one. As well as a one filled with activities. And slightly aching muscles, with a side dish of sweaty feet.

Tippsund is 65 km from Turku; about one hour by bus.
The buss for the camp area in Tippsund, Taivassalo left on Friday at 16 pm., and we got back to Turku on Sunday at 15 pm. The camp is owned by the city of Turku, and they rent it out to groups/associations/schools who need a place for extracurricular activities. There's one big house, surrounded by 8 small cabins (with room for 6 persons each) and the sauna. The area itself is nice, sea and all, but we spent 90% of our time indoors in the big house, and I just about managed to snap some quick pictures of it all before the buss left (on Sunday).

The theme for the whole camp was to learn foxtrot, cha-cha and bugg. Of those, I already knew a little foxtrot, but I must say I do feel more confident dancing it now. Cha-cha was fun (as well as easy to learn if you already know rumba), and bugg was the most fun. I managed to snap a few videos (only 4) with people dancing both. I'm going to watch them when I feel the need to repeat the moves we learned. Timing in cha-cha I think was the hardest to learn, and *that* I still need lots of practice in.

The whole camp was fun, even if it just felt like we danced, ate and slept. I used 8 different T-shirts in 3 days. Or taken so many shower's in just 3 days. Or had my toes stepped on, for that matter (thank you,  you soft shoes). Or been peckish so much.

Or spoken finnish for 3 days straight. THAT was good practice, since one of the main reason behind me starting to dance in Soda Club was the chance to practice my finnish alongside the dancing. I think it went quite well, even though I've probably spoken more bad grammar this weekend than you really should.