Thanksgiving-ish kinda dinner

Extra time = more time available for making nom nom food in your kitchen

I thought it would be possible, but... Sadly, but I didn't manage to find a whole turkey, so that we could have a "real" Thanksgiving dinner today. We had to make do with two chickens instead.

What's this about, you ask? Finns don't celebrate Thanksgiving!
Well... no, we don't - but I've always wanted to try to bake a whole turkey in the oven. For when I will need to know how to do it in the future, when I'll say "blah" to traditional finnish Christmas-ham, and bake turkey instead.
And we celebrated All Saints Day instead.We lit a total of six candles.

Before you scroll down to the photos, I must lamnent the fact that none of my food pictures ever look like those in the cookbooks. Thanks to Emmis, and her comment that

Cookbook food is still raw and has stuff in it to make it look bigger.
You would NEVER want to eat cookbook food!

I'm confident that even though the pictures in the books were nicer, at least everyone around the table wanted seconds :) Pictures can't compete with that. Oh, I must stop, before my ego runs over my common sense.

Alas! They met their final end on my kitchen counter! Poor things.

Making the stuffing/filling.

Chicken liver, bacon, apple, raisins and milk+breadcrumbs.
And of course some seasoning.

With surgical-ish precision (hah!), I sew together the chickens after I'd stuffed them.
Thank goodness that I had a surgical needle, it would have been so hard otherwise.

Dessert! "Cour à la créme". Or at least, the receipt was for that,
but I didn't have any cheese forms to make them into hearts.
I had to settle for this way instead. But it was really good!

After-dinner gaming. We played two rounds of "Gammelgäddan",
a really lovely and childish game. It's about fishing and
catching a "grand olde pike" before anyone else.
This time, the game was the most INTENSE one I've ever played:
everyone was snatching fish from everyone, and eveyone chased everyone!
Eventually, Martina (Micke's sister) won BOTH rounds. Unbelivable.