Baking breadsticks

I'm so glad I decided on giving up all those games! It really proved beneficial, as it enabled me to bake without stressing out. Now, I know this ain't paleo, so don't lynch me.

The receipt is from Tina Nordström's lovely book, in the chapter about tapas and snacks. Anyway, I needed something to take with me to this dancing event, and since I needed something that was both cheap, yummy and relatively fast to bake, this was perfect.
Only thing you need is:
  • puff pastry (swe. smördeg)
  • coumin (caraway) or rosemary
  • seasalt
  • one whisked egg
One thing I decided to do however, is make them okay for vegans to eat too. To do that, I bought "butter dough" made out of plant oils. No lactose, no eggs, no milk. And instead of whisked egg, I coated them with rapeseed-oil. And they still tasted quite okay, even if they didn't look so yellow and nice as they could have.

Ready to be put in the oven

All done!