Out in the cold I went...

... last Friday, and came back with tomatoes, books and yarn. Not to mention borrowing 2 x 10 liter stainless steel cooking pots, and lugging them home. Had a nice chat with friends at Biocity too, and got some glögg and baked goodies for "special price" (read: all the odd cash I happened to have in my wallet... 35 cents). This snowy quest took me from Biocity, to the open air market, to the library, and to Lankabaari.

Lankabaari is one of my favorite LYS here in Turku. (For all of you non-knitters/crafters, LYS stands for local yarn shop...) But I still can't wait for Menita in Espoo/Helsinki to finally launch their web shop.

So, it was a busy weekend.

I think I spent most of my free time on Saturday in the kitchen, doing all sorts of things. While things were simmering on the stove, I opened one of the books I had borrowed from the library, and it started out just as silly as I had expected it to be. Even so, I read it until Micke went out with the boys to the pub, and then I put it aside. I don't know if I'll even finish it. Time will tell, I suppose.
The rest of the evening, after cleaning up in the kitchen, I crocheted and listened to music on YouTube.  There's this a capella group at the University of Oregon, called On the Rocks, and there's a bunch of videos of them singing different songs. They're really good, too.

On Sunday, me and Micke and Mimi went to the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum (WAM, or Wäiski). It was my first visit to WAM, and the exhibition we were going to see - mainly because Mimi's friend Anna would guide us around in Swedish - is called "Death and it's many faces". The exhibition was definitely better than what I had thought it would be: much more a comment on how death is depicted in various art-cultures, and how you can relate to the concept of death via art. Not as gruesome as you would think at first. And not overtly filled with religious art either, mainly because that would have been too one-sided.
I'm sorry, because although you could take as many pictures as you wanted of any piece in the exhibit, I didn't have time to take a single one. Mainly because we had such an interesting time wandering around with our guide, and then it seemed impolite to stop and take pictures. Otherwise, I would gladly have shared some pictures with you.