Goodbye CafeWorld and PetVille!

Since I didn't get anywhere playing PetVille, this will be about CafeWorld.

My avatar.
Picture me in a Gordon Ramsey Hell's Kitchen type of chef outfit.
I wouldn't mind having a real outfit like this though,
but my own aprons suit me just fine.
They're black, too.
Awh, and I even used to change the color of my avatar's hair
to match the one I had had mine currently colored in.

The Green Dragon.
My ex-café in CafeWorld. Alas, no more.
And I did have a little green dragon, breathing fire on the guests.
I got halfway to level 66 out of 100. I had (as you can see) too much fake-money (3 583410 cafe money) , and 17 of their "real" money. You got one "real money" from advancing one level, as well as for "cooking" dished 7 days in a row. My best streak of "days cooking" were 37.

37 bloody days of clicking on teeny tiny stoves.  *sound of head hitting keyboard*

I also managed to get, let's see:
  • the coffee machine
  • the bar disk
  • 4 "lightning stoves"
  • 5 "normal one-click stoves" 
  • 1 of their "new and improved "half-time cooking stoves"
  • 14 levels in the "dessert" specialty dishes. That's only 1 recipe (Angel food cake, hah!) that I didn't master. In real life, I'd be more than happy to bake desserts, but I don't want to eat them. I was going to special in:
    • Desserts
    • Fantasy type foods
    • Chinese
    • French or Italian
I think I'll try to establish some -real- experience in cooking real food in these food genres. That will be a lot nicer, I think.