Online gaming... taking up far too much time in this little family! Together, me and Micke are spending more time playing games online than what we're spending with one another (since I don't count "sleeping together" spending time with one another... duh, you're ASLEEP). To start combating this, I'm terminating all my Zynga game applications on Facebook.

Hopefully this will mean that my spare time will be filled - once again - with more physical activities. I've found that, since playing more and more online games, I've lost the time for e.g.:
  • taking the time to cook properly
  • spending REAL time with my friends - not possible if you're glued to the screen
  • excersise
  • do chores around the house
What I on the other hand have been doing is
  • loosing muscle tone, increase my back pain, and gotten a funny ache in my tailbone.
  • gotten sick and ill more often (duuh! gaming and not doing chores gives this to you instead)
  • getting stressed out over the games, thus creating un-needful stress in an already stressed out household
So, goodbye and good riddance to all of this!

Since Zyngas privacy policy makes it... extremely difficult... to erase all of the things that comes via their applications, I've read up on how to do it properly. And, since I also happen to respect the fact that some of my dear friends play their games actively, I want to give away as much of the "stuff" that you accumulate while playing the games.

Already today, I've removed PetVille and CafeWorld. Will post RIP's about them all.