Finished project: Pihla's babyquilt

Pihla's babyquilt is finally finished and in the mail!

Because I got the kids' stomach flu after they both got better, the package just stood there on my desk, waiting. Well, today I managed (together with my family) to make a detour via the post automat in Prisma. So she'll get it two days.

Feels good to have that package sent.

Also, when I noticed, in the car, that I hadn't taken a "after wash and dry" photos in daylight of it...guess who stood outside the Prisma store and did some quilt modelling? A really exotic location, am I right?

Finnish winter wind and light isn't the best setting, but I took what I could get. At least, I remembered to take a photo, so that's a plus. 


I So like the way I quilted her name and birth information. Outlined it looks really nice.

And that backing fabric was a nice one. Really busy print that nearly "ate up" all the quilting, so not a lot is shown on the back.

Here are some more photos, these are the ones I took inside. I know the light isn't the best, but the detail photos of the quilting looks nice.

There, this is how it looks a bit closer.

"Orange peel" motif quilted inside every color block.
I was watching this video of Natalia Bonner quilting her Butterfly quilt, and at about 15:30 into the video she starts doing this negative space variation motif which blends pebbles, spirals and paisleys into this really showy whole. She has some instructions on how to quilt the separate motifs here in this video, but that one I noticed later, after I had already quilted the whole quilt!

Talk about making it harder on yourself, right?

Well, I watched parts of that the first video, and then I doodled a bit so I would have some reference on a paper beside my sewing machine. And then I just quilted. 

And I really liked the result.

I quilted a larger spiral feather motif in each of the corners, but otherwise it was just very organic quilting.

Corner one.

Corner two.

Corner three.

Border quilting.

More border quilting.

Again, a backing photo.

Even with the dense quilting, it hardly shows on the busy backing print.

And finally, what's a photo session without a little model? ;) Especially a cute one who's watching a video on her iPod.

Of course, little girl had to go and lie down on it.
Good size reference here, though. A three year old child can still fit on the quilt. And it fits on a large baby crib, so it's large enough to use for a lot of things.

Have a lazy Sunday, folks :)


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