Updating our house and some quilting

Just a quick post about what has changed around the house since New Year.

We went and got our little boy a "big" bed. But as we tried to get it to fit into his room, we had it get stuck! I had a hunch, and Mikael went after the tape measurer, and I was right. Our little girl's room is 2m 14 cm wide, while our little boy's is 2m 8 cm. And his bed was 2m 10 cm long.

So our kids had to swap beds. But it ended up okay, because little girl now has the taller bed that her brother has troubles getting up into. Her old one he can get in and out of with no problems.

Next up, the new stove/oven we had ordered before New Year finally arrive. Only, it was 1,5 mm too wide for the space we had. And there were apparently some electrical problems with the oven as the whole thing got wired for electricity.

So, after two days of having to cook on a "floating stovetop", I was just about mentally cooked with it. The kids thought it hilarious to play with the stove's buttons, and both (!) can now open the oven. No kiddie locks on it yet :(

In my frustration with the whole thing, and my mind being like many others: I suddenly looked at our living room and did some mental rearrangeing of the furnitures. So, I asked Mikael if he was okay with me moving the dining table towards the windows facing the terrass. He helped me move it, because that Ikea (Bjursta if anyone is interested, we've had it since we were still living in Turku) table weights a LOT.

We have a better dinner table in the kitchen. I've started using this table more and more for quilting, so now it's my "quilting table".

I'm so glad that it isn't the first thing people see anymore when they walk in through our front door. I'm actually much more comfortable with them seeing a mess of children's toys in their "play area".

The light is also much better, during the day at least, from those windows. And it felt a lot easier quilting there, with the kids playing on the couch behind my back (with little girl occationally poking me on the shoulder). So I am actually finally making head way on quilting the second of the (planned) twelve color block quilts.

It took me a long time (since getting Eetu's color block quilt done on the 18th of December) to find a quilting motif I thought would match. But I did, so the next issue was thread.

Remember, I had cleaned away all "bad threads" from my stash. I am SO done with having my thread break all the time that I'm quilting. Enough! From here on out, only good quality thread that doesn't lint up and mess up my sewing machine.

I actually finally decided upon a Gutermann quilting thread (that's meant for hand quilting), and in the bobbin just white Gutermann Mara. The thicker quilting thread shows the free motion quilting motif perfectly.

Alas, a spool only has 200 m on it, so I ran out after having only gotter two of the borders quilted.


But it really looks good, and since the quilt is going to little Pihla (and her mom is a bestie of mine) I will buy more and finish it like it deserves.

In In the photo above, the third quilt in the series is waiting for it's turn. Aimo's quilt, but I haven't decided upon a quilting motif yet.

I guess it will come to me. I just have to wait.

Oh, and the best news? After all these small and large setbacks?

Well, the electrician fixed the oven - and I celebrated by baking some muffins/cupcakes for our daughter's upcoming 3rd birthday :)


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