Update: my closet studio

I've managed to clean a little in my studio. As I wrote previously, I'm making one of my goals for 2018 to get the floor in the studio empty of "stuff", because it will be easier to clean the studio then. Fabric and sewing creates a lot of dust, so it would be nice to be able to remove it by vacuuming. And it would be really nice to get some leg-room under the desk, too.

So, last you saw, I had a bunch of Ikea "Samla"-boxes up on the shelf, filled with various fabrics etc.

How it looked on January 8th.

I had a lot of jersey, denim and denim scraps under the desk, and I wanted those gone. As I started to go through those boxes on the right, I found a lot of badly folded fabric to make clothes of and a lot of fabric I'd rather have cut up into usable pieces and strips.

That took me about two afternoons on/off, with the kids trying to both "help and hinder". Since neither of them take regular naps anymore during the day, I just have to manage as best I can. Most of the times, they start playing with one another and thus keep each other occupied...but then they suddenly get into an argument, and then I have to stop them. Which makes it impossible to really get anything done in one stretch, and things take about 10x as long as it normally would.

Unless I allow them to watch something on the computer. Then I can get normal things like dinner or laundry or such done in a reasonable amount of time.

What also "helped" was the fact that Mikael needed to go on a buiseness trip to Lahtis, and then he decided to visit a good friend in Turku (lots of driving for him that between that Thursday and Sunday, to get from Vaasa-Kirkkonummi-Lahtis-Turku-Vaasa) because he was on his own. While he was doing all of this, I tried to get as much of the closet studio cleaned out and gone through.

It's so much niceer to be able to cut out things on the bigger table and not inside the small closet studio.

But, I digress, and I managed to get from the mess in the photo above...

...to this.

It looks a lot better now, in my opinion.
On top of one big "Samla" you can fit 4 smaller ones here on my shelf.

The two smaller "Samla" boxes on top of the bigger one now has fabric panels, pre-cut strips of 5", 3,5", 2,5" and 1,5". As well as some pieces that are 15x15cm, 10x15 cm, and some smaller but similar. The rest I either threw away (because they were so small) or put into the magazine boxes i use for scraps sorted by color.

So, went down from 2 larger to the two smaller boxes. And my "piles" of jersey, old pillow cases and denim suddenly fit up on the shelf, in the two larger "Samla" boxes.

And at one time, the only way to get something done was to involve the kids a little:

Little boy and little girl.
So, while I was folding and sorting, they were coloring and eating pencils (yeah, I can't believe how often I have to tell my little boy to not eat the pencils...) on a small work area of their own.

Sometimes, your quilting hobby have to be shared with the whole family.