Stash update 1/2018

Today, me and little boy took the car and went to get some errands done in town. It's so much easier to only have one child in tow when you want to get things done rather quickly.

Among all the errands we did were two sewing related: we got a package for me from the post office, and we went via my favourite sewing store (Halonen) in town to buy a few things.

Package from the post office contained quilting supplies - my first ever jelly roll and charm pack! - I had ordered before Christmas. Needless to say, Christmas got the package to not arrive as fast, but that didn't matter at all.

The package contained:
  • a jelly roll of Earthly Paradise by Barbara Brackman for Moda Fabrics
  • a charm pack od Color Daze by Layndry Basket Quilts for Moda Fabrics
  • a yard of 1 yard Color Daze (fabric nr 42233-16)
  • a surprise! maybe a FQ's (fat quarter's) worth of lovely brown fabric :)
Oh, and it was the first time - ever - that I've had to see to that the import tax got paid. When I've ordered via Amazon (this package was from Etsy) they take care of the taxation, so you don't have to bother. Which is nice, but this way I learned something new.

82,69 € all the quilting supplies
17,19 € import tax (24%...grumbles...)
99,86 € total

At the sewing store (Halonen) I got:
  • a quilting presser foot for my Pfaff Tiptronic 1071
  • white Gutermann Mara thread (1000m)
  • 2 packages of Wonder clips
  • a new light bulb for my Husqvarna 6730

4,90 thread
5,90 light bulb
5,90 Wonder clips
5,90 Wonder clips
25,00 quilting foot
-15% on all
40,46 € Total

Total spent on stash this year:

40,46 + 99,86 = 140,32 €