What I'm working on: Pihla's quilt

Between trying to get to the end of the mountain (kid you not!) of laundry little girl's and little boy's stomach flu has generated, I finally got to work on/off today on finishing quilting Pihla's color block baby quilt.

It helped keep me sane today. Since I had mentally prepared myself for a child birthday party but got the stomach flu party instead.

No, I'm not kidding about the sane part.

But before I could start free motion quilting on it, I needed to get the recycled green and black fabrics, that I had washed and hung up to dry, cut into managable pieces. Just to free up space on the clothes drying rack. To console myself (because just cutting up fabric can become tedious, especially if you have to iron it as well...) I made myself a big cup of that white tea I had bought from Tehörnan in Umeå (in Sweden).

I have no plan for the green fabrics, so I just cut up 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 5 inch strips. I also left three larger pieces intact. The black was all cut up into 5x5 inch squares, because those I have a plan for. I'm thinking black background and colorful solids. We'll see how that goes.

I also went ahead and marked up Pihla's quilt with the purple Prym marker pen. Because the test fabric piece I had marked on looked like this today.

Yupp, virtually gone from there.

And here it is, all done with quilting:

Only thing missing now is to out binding on and sew in all the thread ends. Hopefully while watching Star Trek Discovery on the computer, but we'll see.

I want the quilt done and washed so we can take it with us when our whole family is going to travel to meet my parents and little Pihla's parents - if this stomach flu is over soon!


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