Little girl is turning 3 years

It feels so typical that both kids have the stomach flu, just as we were planning how to celebrate little girl's 3rd birthday.

We had to cancel the party.

Can't have any other kids getting this stupid stomach flu.

But, as Mikael said it, why but all those ingredients if there then won't be any cake.

So, late late Friday night, the day before her cancelled party and after we had to clean up even more stomach flu mess, I baked little girl's cake.

One of her favorite TV-shows is "the Octonauts", which basically tells about these small cute creatures that work on a mobile submerged sea station as marine biologists and  explorers. Her favorite characters seems to be the medic (a penguin) and the mechanic (a bunny). So, mommy here tried to make her an Octonaut cake.

Since little boy is allergic to milk proteins, I had to try and make "margarine creme" (not butter cream) and milk free cake for it.

Thanks to the Craftsy page's YouTube-star Joshua John Russell and his Man About Cake-show, I actually knew a bit about how to do it all. Actually, looking at his videos makes you smile during every episode. He and his video team are funny. You smile a lot, watching those videos.

Tadaa! At 01:40 at night, the cake was done. And a lot of pukey laundry had been washed. And it was officially little girl's birthday.