onsdag 22 februari 2012

Craft Project Wednesday: update on the green dress

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
 where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Finally, after a total of 3 days of sewing, I and Mimi managed to finish off her green "Northern Lights"-dress.

This was when I had "just" the zipper and the hem on the skirt left to do.
No photo truly does the satin's color any justice.

I must remember, if/when I make a dress after this one, that:
  • It's infinitely easier to create a dress for someone else, since you can always try it in the person straight away and do corrections. Trying to sew something for yourself in this way is insane.
  • Always buy the bigger spool of thread. Or two of them straight away if you're unsure.
  • The more carefully you measure and pin everything, the less time and frustration you will have to spend ripping up seams and sew anew. Especially the zipper. Oh my Goddess, the zipper...

Thank you, both Mimi and Ida for your ideas, all the help and the company while I sewed! You're the greatest. But you already knew that.

Mimi, sewing the pockets while I took a small
break. My bum was falling asleep from so much
sitting. You can see my reflection in their kitchen window.

2 kommentarer:

Waenthoronien sa...

Oh, zippers and hems... those are the things that are "just" the little things left to do that tend not to get done in my case. Always. Because it's almost done, and I've run out of inspiration. (Or time, in the case of the dress I made for the TSS annual party - as I may have mentioned somewhere at some point, I still haven't finished the arms.)

Linnea Grönstrand sa...

I know, they're dreadful to complete. And no matter how I try to sew in a zipper 'perfectly' there is always something or another that goes wrong with it.

No matter how many times I carefully measure and pin it.


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