Concerning my jeans quilt project

Yes, I got asked about the how I got the idea to make the jeans quilt in the first place.

Okay, silly as it is, the story is as follows:

the Story of the Quilt Idea

My brother (Harald) has a cat.
He's allergic to cats, but that's besides the point.

The name of that cat is Camca,
and I have never met him,
but his name is supposed to be a Russian word.
Even though my brother have no idea how to spell it,
it's supposed to mean "meat pie".

Anyway, little meat pie Camca was served 
(by one of Harald's room mates) some milk.
Cats are lactose intolerant.
At least, they are after they've been weaned.

So anyway... Camca had an "accident" in Harald's bed.
Apparently, it was a HUGE accident.
And very smelly.
He had to throw away the coverlet.
(Apparently, the stink just didn't wash off...)

But, all was well in the end, because he got to borrow
the above mentioned room mate's extra coverlet.

And now to the moral (?) of the story:

Said coverlet is made out of old jeans. No idea as to pattern or so, or if it's a quilt, but hearing all this, I thought "That's such a brilliant idea - I wanna make one too!".

And that was it :)