Craft Project Wednesday: Recycled paper beads

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Reading through what information can be found online regarding beads made of paper, I think it must have come into fashion when the intrinsic value of paper got lowered. Which must have been when there was so much paper available that even 'poorer' people were able to own and buy books and pamphlets. Or didn't think it a 'waste' to reuse/upcycle them.

If the whole thing make you itch for a tutorial or the like you can take a peek at Paper University's page (but I'd forgo using straws in that tutorial if I were you), or even better, read through this summary of tutorials in Pearl's post about it at her page "the Beading Gem's Journal". It's a treat, I promise.

There is even some charity work program in Uganda done with making paper beads. It's called Bead for Life, and I've seen their sales persons and products at different crafts fairs for two years now. I hope it's going well for them.

And before I digress even further: those that want their jewelry to really ooze color, making these types of beads using glossy magazine's and printed ads is definitely the way to go. I tried out both 'traditional' printed-book-paper and glossy-magazine-paper. Funny really, I got a magazine that met that description from Mimi shortly before Christmas, otherwise I wouldn't have had any 'research material' for that at hand at all! I would have been forced to maybe even... go... and... buy... me... one.

Svensk damtidning, anyone?

*hurr hurr*

But, basically it's as easy as: paper + scissors + glue + some clear varnish to coat the beads in.

Paper beads made from a glossy magazine ad,
and varnished after the glue had dried.

I was originally thinking of using these beads (in the photo) I made for an earring project, but I ran out of ear clips so I have to rethink it a bit. Also, the hole left by the toothpicks I used to roll them on is so large that I might even have to consider using bead caps. But this is a later problem.