Trapped in purple

This post has nothing to do about anything important, and a lot to do with something very random occurring.

Well, tomorrow is the day when my folkdance group celebrates it's 39th year, and naturally I've been trying to decide which dress I want to wear for the occasion. So, because I had - like right now - some spare time, I decided to pick out my options from the wardrobe. The first dress I tried on is a purple satin one that I bought second hand for 4 euros this winter.

Pulled it on.
Started to pull up the zipper.
And it got stuck.
And then it broke.
And I couldn't get it off.

No movement, in either direction.

None whatsoever.

And I'm still wearing it, because even when I phoned Micke and asked him to come home and help me take the whole thing off.... it just wasn't possible.

Not without cutting out the zipper, anyway.

So now, I'm sitting and blogging in our sofa, waiting for tango practice to come up. In the violet dress.

So apparently, this Friday's tango practice is party-time