The seventh thing you didn't know about me

The Truth about me Thursday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present one truth about myself.

I like to cross-kitchen.

It's the term you use for cooked food that doesn't fit specifically into any style  of cuisine, e.g. Italian, Thai, Vegan, Raw, French etc. Simply put, you pair up food that taste and go well together, but aren't that traditional to begin with.

Like ice cream with beer flavor. Or banana chips bits on pizza. Something that might sound really odd, but then taste real good when you try it out. Like California rolls.

I used to love mixing Italian and Thai, but now that my food allergies don't allow for that I must say that I pretty much do what I can (stomach wise) get away with. But, only from-scratch-things. Never from processed food. And I'm already cheating when I use concentrated tomato purée.

Oh, don't worry, I do 'traditional" home-cooking too, but as a foodie (apparently there's even a name for an amateur kitchen goddess like moi) I like to try out different things. See what works.

And what doesn't. Like Battery-cheese cannelloni's with chicken.
Fanta might have been okay though... or then not.

Maybe one day I'll try out molecular gastronomy (oh, I really AM tempted), but not now. Gotta save some arts and skills for later in life, too. Life can't be made boring.