My 29th birthday

Last week-end I had my birthday. I'm now officially 29 years old.

Mmmm, birthday cake. 

In-officially, I've eaten birthday cake(s) since last Thursday. Both "real" cake, and cupcakes. Oh me gosh, I've even eaten "try-out cupcakes" with Emmis since last-last Thursday!

It feels a bit like my calorie intake had a 1000 % increase. Sugar is dangerous, man. Especially in the form och innocent cake. I've felt slightly hyper all the time, and my head has been screaming for more! the entire time. 


Please, no more cake for a while, okay? We can do it again when it's Micke's birthday, and thank the Goddess it's some odd months until then.

Perhaps I'd better show you some photos of the sugary creations, mmm? As well as some other ones, while I'm at it. I swear, you feel sugar-high from just looking at a few of them.

Pre-birthday cupcakes at Emmis.
Extra lemon in the cupcakes and then lots
of carrot-cake frosting on top.
Yes, they are light green and yellow.
Yes, it was a bad color choice.
And yes, you got sated by just eating one.

More cupcakes at Emmis.
And tea.
I'm depleting her tea stash,
one visit at a time.

A birthday without presents to remember it by
would be kind of sad. Except if you've specifically
asked for "no presents! bring something edible!".
None the less, I gave my friend Kaisa violet paper
earrings for her 30th birthday, and she gave me a
global warming cup.
The coastlines disappear when you put hot beverage in it.
Geeky like you would imagine.

Birthday week's Monday was spent at
Blingi, Turku's only beadstore that actually
has a REAL store and not just a web shop.
Yes, working!
Best Monday since like EVER, in my opinion.
There are times when you're amazed by how
much you actually know, especially when
people ask you if you questions you CAN answer.

Then, on the night before my birthday,
my orchid finally opened its flower buds.
It made me wait two months for it.
Naturally, now it's showing off like a real diva.

I got lots of flowers this year. Micke even gave me a rose; the second flower he's ever given me. But unlike the last one, this one sadly perished more quickly. I think it as because of the temperature shock it got between the florist's shop and our living room.

Mom sent some money for me to buy tulips,
and when Ette  came over her mom had
sent a 'birthday angel'.
Best thing about Ette coming over to visit was that I got to try out Rory's Story Cubes. Such a simple, yet totally brilliant game! Please, go to the page, and read how you're supposed to play. You can even get it as an app for the iPhone. I do know I have to get it!

The other brilliant thing was getting to watch five episodes of "2 Broke Girls", eating cupcakes like crazy. 

These cupcakes, to be exact.
Choco-mocha and "secret" cupcakes, like
the ones Emmis baked while I visited her.
Secret cupcakes have bits of a candybar in it - we used knock-off Mars, Snickers and Twix for those. They were good. But the strawberry on top was the best part.

Ida made me a Mojito birthday cake.
As a present, even though I specified
"no present, just edibles". Nice combo :P
Seriously, she used half a bottle of clear
rum to moisten it. It was awesome,
and it made you slightly tipsy too.
Good thing the rest of the party was
booze-free. Otherwise, we would have
giggled ourselves to death. 
Which we nearly did anyway. What can I say: we had lots to giggle about.

Cake, pie, cupcakes, small sausages on sticks....
Add soda water and blackcurrant-juice to this and
you could have been there yourself.

With this combination, I think I just had the best birthday-week of my life. I want to thank everyone of my friends who made this all possible.

Thank you all so much!