Craft Project Wednesday: the Cernit cookies

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

Inside us all, no matter what we look like on the outside, there is a sugar-dependent brain screaming for more glucose. Okay, for it's also screaming for a lot of other things, but trust me about the glucose. We're all sugar addicts.

Now, the craft course I'm currently enrolled in is inspiring in a lot of other ways than just about the  polymer clay millefiori-technique. Take a look at the photo here under:

Except for the "raspberry mousse cake" in the upper left corner,
which 'typical' finnish cookies do you recognize in the photo?

Did you get a sudden craving for cookies? Or chocolate? Or both?

Or nothing? Damn, then you're mentally stronger than me!

Well, YOU just go ahead and TRY making miniature food out of polymer clay and we'll see who's managed to NOT be desperately hungry for sugar afterwards.

*looking at the photo*

That photo was the one I took of the Cernit-sculptures before I put them in the oven. All of those miniature cookies and cake pieces are going to become parts of a bracelet, and probably also some earrings, someday soon.

Oh, and incidentally, it's:

(It was really hard to emulate the small stencils on these!)


Chocolate chip cookies!


...and last, but not least, Ballerina!
Of which I made both the chocolate
and the raspberry jam version.

And if ever there was any info you wanted about some of the types of cookies we in Finland eat, you can check out the web page Keksihylly.

There's a lot to learn from cookies, apparently. Which ones would you also have made?