Craft Project Wednesday: Frostbite tango dress

Craft Project Wednesday is a 2012 recurring blog post
 where I present a craft project I'm currently working on.

The 2nd Frostbite Tango Festival is going to be held in Helsinki on the 23-26.2 this year. Workshops, milongas and tangueros all weekend long. They're even going to have a flash mob tango event somewhere in the centre of Helsinki. And oh, the Grand milonga and the Northern Light milonga are sure to be totally splendid.

And I'm not going.

Instead, I'm going to be truly boring and dance folkdance the very same weekend. My folkdance group is celebrating its 39 years, and I'm gonna take part of that instead.

It's really only a question of money. I don't have the money for three wonderful days of tango.

Maybe next year.

But, again I digressed. Because my good friend Mimi is going. And she needs a dress for the Northern Lights milonga. The theme is... well.... northern light. Bright, colorful, shifting, aurora borealis.

Yesterday, we went shopping for discount fabrics, and found this perfect green lightweight satin that we'll make into a dress for her. It was the first time I've ever been to the outlet store Jätti-Rätti, and I must say I'm really glad we went! The satin we bought cost 5 €/m, which is way way less than e.g. at Eurokangas (Where it's about 29-35 €/m...). She spent a total of 41 € on everything, and we even have extra fabric if some small part gets trashed in the process

*keeping my fingers crossed for that NOT to happen*

On Thursday, were going to start sewing, so I've already pre-washed and ironed the fabrics for that. We're gonna use the same pattern I've used for my own vintage dress, the one from V&A, but mainly  for the skirt part. The rest we'll have to come up with on our own, because dancing is gonna place some special restrictions on the dress.

It can't chafe, for one. And not be too short, too long, too tight, to loose, too.... Well, not too anything apparently.

Goddess help us. Will post photos of progress of said dress later.