Monday morning dragon hair

Well, this certainly is a truth about me, but it's not such a huge one I thought I could get away with it on the Thursday post.

I have dragon hair.

Dragon hair is when you have normal hair that's secretly dreaming that it's a DRAGON!

This is exactly like I picture what the artist Edward Monkton (uuh, check out the Madness Hamsters and Pinguin of Death) means in this card that he's drawn:

Edward Monkton's "Hair".

So, pretty much every morning, I wake up to this:

Proud dragon parted in the middle.
Dragon hissing with raised hackles.
Dragon after calm flight.
Dragon on the side.
Tired and squirmy dragon.

Yes, that's 100% morning me.

In the last photo I could barely keep my eyes open and mouth shut (yaaaaawn!) long enough for the phone to take the photo.

Dragon hiding in plain sight.
There's always the last photo that makes you surprised. Thank you Ida for lending me your straightening iron!

Now, my dragon DARES your dragon to show itself!