Craft Friday: Reused porcelain necklace

Craft Friday is a 2012 recurring blog post
where I present either a hobby jewelry technique
or project I'm currently working on.

There is something to be said about the dichotomy that is porcelain and pottery.

One one hand it is burned in very hot ovens, used to store everything from food to chemicals in, and  it can withstand the tooth of time for hundreds of years. A thousand even.

But on the other hand...

Shards from one of Emmis' nice,
if broken, green plates. breaks into a hundred (or a thousand) pieces if it accidentally falls on the floor.

Which, needless to say, is what happened to a few of Emmis' plates a few weeks ago, as well as to one of mine last Tuesday. Left were a mess of shards, and I managed to scavenged a few before the rest were thrown out with the trash. I know there's lots of things that you can do with pieces of porcelain, beautiful mosaics e.g., but when these accidents occurred I wasn't interested in spending time/money on any big project.

This even though I tend to be somewhat of an epic crafter...

What I thought of, instead, was more like "what if you combine the shards with a coating/setting made out of polymer clay". Emmis seemed to be interested in the idea at least. Well, since I promised her a pendant made out out of one of the shards from her plates I don't think she was all that against the idea in the first place.

Emmis' and the shards.
And they were such nice plates, too.

My shards. Oh, this is one of the plates that I got as a present for me
getting my Finnish Matriculation Examination back in year 2001.
The shard I'm holding in my hand is the one I saved.

Nope, no photos of a done project... yet. I've been too busy with making Mimi's dress, which very quickly ate up every available surface in our living room. As well as every available space in my head, it seems.

Oh, but if you want to read about such projects, I recommend reading the posts on Alex's Creating Trouble blog. Oh, and go check out the amazing porcelain dress! It's amazing what an internet search can bring you...